We ask FCI to investigate the lies of Cristian Stefanescu

Cristian Stefanescu, the president of the Romanian Kennel Club, has fabricated a web of lies, even about his studies, to abusively hold his position in the Romanian Kennel Club against romanian law, and his statute as a judge when the regulations state he must have medium studies minimum(12degree highschool diploma and Baccalaureate diploma). He falsely claimed that he is a graduate of the NYIP-New York Institute of Photography, when in fact he has only an 8th grade education, confirmed in writing by the NYIP. 

Moreover, he lied about being a successful breeder of 4 generations of cocker spaniels, when in fact he never had a litter. He also lied about being an amstaff breeder, when he was only the owner of one truly beautiful amstaff, Ringmaster Popstaff Legend. We ask for proof that Cristian Stefanescu has had at least one litter registered on his name or on his kennel during that time. 

Furthermore, he does not provide transparency in the romanian cynology, failing to make public the Annual Financial Reports of the ACHR for the last 3 years. 

Cristian Stefanescu also moved the title of property of an apartment of the ACHR to his own LTD company where he is the only administrator, ACHR CHINOLOGICA SRL, Ltd. The LTD has its headquarters at the same office as the ACHR.

He also started a non-FCI organization, the ROMANIAN FEDERATION OF CYNOLOGY, that he founded alongside Romanian Studbook president Daniela Radu, which is registered in the same headquarters as the ACHR. So, in the office that the romanian kennel club members pay for, Stefanescu runs 3 businesses, including the non-FCI Federation of Romanian Cynology.

He has also kicked out of the ACHR a lot of breeders and even local kennel clubs, for not being part of his lies. 

We ask the FCI to investigate these issues and reinstall order and legitimity in the Romaniqn Kennel Club. 

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