Votanții din 29 iulie, se autodenunță pentru ”fapta” lor!


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2012-08-18 20:52

In Romania democracy values are daily attacked by ex-president Basescu and his "clan" - please daily protest regarding dramatic democracy situation in Romania. Simple citizens are brutalized and abuse by prosecutor, asked if
they vote, what was their vote option, they are force to swear on the bible on the streets and village people are now afraid they didn't listen to Basescu request "NOT TO VOTE" - this situation have to stop before chaos take place in my country. There are 181 local prosecutors organizations involved in this operation coordinated by Mrs. Kovesi - a well known Basescu instrument/slave.
Basescu has to accept Romanian people asked him to leave. He was elected with 5,2mil votes in 2009 and today 7,4mil asked him to leave.
As European citizens we demand your protection in order to save our democracy and freedom!!!!
Explain this men (Basescu) he has to accept his people wish!