Cerem arestarea celor 7 baieti violatori din Vaslui!!


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2015-07-21 04:04

if you do the crime you need to do the time.. Why did they let them out when they were in court.. should have been arrested on the spot kept in jail till sentence is carried out... Who makes the law in Romania.. I live in Brisbane Australia it makes me feel sick seeing these 7 animals walking in and out of court with a smile on their faces, why have a smile on your face after what you have done to a poor girl.. These guys are lucky that they are in Romania if they have done this in Australia they would not be walking out of court with a smile on their face they would be going in a cop car to jail .. I hope that some Romanian politician does something take action cause if this guys go free. Just remember not just Romania is watching .. Australia Romanians are watching make justice right...