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2017-08-14 12:58


 Sa mergem la ei in tara sa le defrisam si noi lor padurile, ca altfel antihristii astia nu se opresc.  Legea trebuie urgent pusa in aplicare si anume sa se faca legea cam asa (si pentru ca imi vine mai bine in engleza o formulez eu legea cum ar trebui sa fie):  it should sound something like this:  Any foreign body, foreign authority, and/or foreign corporation/business/ physical or non-physical body--that is foreign to the Romanian territory and its people---(foreign to Romanian territory and its people meaning not of Romanian DNA born and raised , and/ or, that has not been born and broght up on Romanian territory---shall pay a fine of no less and no more than 50.000€€  per day for any deforestation done by them/ their business/ their company on Romanian physical territory. Any such deforestation is prohibited by Romanian law, effective August 14, 2017, any form of deforestation without written consent of the Romanian common people--meaning here the Romanian citizens residing on Romanian land and the Romanian population residing on Romanian territory and/ or outside of Romanian territory if they are Romanians by birth or by citizenship is prohibited by Romanian law.

Asa ar cam trebui sa sune legea noua. Nu stiu in romana sa o exprim atat de bine, dar trebuie imediat, de urgenta pusa lege in functiune si in aplicare. Este URGENT!!