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2013-09-07 04:28

#1074: - Barbaric idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You also told that to the Japanese man? Before or after he was killed? You also told that to Ionut's parents? You dare to call us "Barbaric idiots" while the rest of Europe  is cleaned legally of wild dogs. First try to question yourself why you are calling us, the victims of these wild animals "Barbaric Idiots"..... Then please tell that to the Asian cultures where the dogs are treated exactly as YOU FUCKING HYPOCRIT treat fish, chicken, duck, cow, pig and any other FUCKING KIND OF ANIMAL THAT YOU PUT IN YOUR FILTHY MOUTH!!!!! If you are a vegan, stay a fucking vegan but think twice before you post something like that!!!

If a fucking bear will kill a human, that bear will be hunted down. Probably you wouldn't say anything, because bear is an wild animal. SO THESE FUCKING DOGS!!! It's the same with all animals. The same survival rules are applying allover the world. The one in top of the pyramid is HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS. Many idiots like you said that Ionut invaded the dog's territory and that is why he was killed. Well, the cityes are our territories and the dogs invaded us. It was our mistake in the past to let them free on the streets, and now we will fix it.

Enjoy watching thousands of dogs getting killed. Probably they also enjoyed when they bitten Ionut to death.... Or they were only protecting their territory???

The entire world is looking in these moments at Romania and at the Romanians. The brutal death of Ionut is one of the news that are on the front page of newspapers and also on TV. And they are wayting for as to get rid of the wild dogs problem. As they did and still do!!!

We are known for gipsyes, Hagi, Ceausescu and now PEOPLE AND KIDS KILLED BY WILD DOGS!!!