Sustineti eutanasierea maidanezilor neadoptati in 30 de zile!


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2013-09-04 10:54

#32: Finnish citizen - You are shame to EU!

You shouldn't judge when you lack the bigger picture. If you love them so much, take them, and the money you give  in most cases, it never reached that place were they just have went.

The organizations are just wasting money, and returning the dogs on the streets. If you would take a walk to a few areas I know with plenty of dogs, who were "saved" by the organizations, you wouldn't be so fast in judging and blaming us for the fact that we want to live without fear. These dogs should never be among people, unless you are responssible for it and all his actions. What do organizations do ?

They pretend to care for them, take them away from animal homes, sometimes they lie on paper that they've been neutered and let them back on streets. Do you see the error in the system ? Can you judge us that we don't want to have dogs on the streets that we walk ?